Can you Speed up my PC – Yes computer solutions do this daily !

Computer Solutions are experts in PC performance related repairs. Through time PC’s especially windows machines lose performance. The reason this occurs is due to both software and hardware issues. Most commonly it is simply an accumulation of software glitches brought about by too many processes malware, viruses and windows errors. A PC exhibiting performance related issues can easily be fixed. The repair time for this is usually 2 hours and we guarantee you will notice a significant improvement to your computers speed. Not only do we complete the initial repair but we also leave you with software and instructions to prevent further issues occurring that might slow down your desktop pc.

Unfortunately on some occasions a hard drive fault can cause your computer to run slow. If your pc is functioning for a while but the sticks and doesn’t recover quickly during a task it is likely your hard drive. Hard drive errors can be fixed but sometimes if the issue is mechanical or electrical then replacement is the best option. Both repairs and replacement of hard drives is affordable and a worthwhile investment.
Repair a PC Power repairs

Repair a PC that wont turn on

Can you speed up my PC on the same Day
Absolutely we can get your PC starting and functioning quickly on the same day that we receive it
How much will it cost?
If your PC can be sped up without upgrading your repair will be in the region of 20-30 pounds
Home Repair ? Or do we bring to you?
Either we will work around you
Time scales on repair
A couple of hours is normally enough to get your PC back to its original condition

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