Repair a PC with a Black screen

If your PC starts but the screen remains black it can be for a variety of reasons but most commonly it is due to faulty hardware however in some instances software can be the reason. Common hard ware and software issues that Hardware issues that could be causing your pc monitor to remain blank after start-up include:-

Bad Memory: if memory is faulty your pc won’t start correctly

A Faulty graphics card: your computers display depends on a working GPU

Software issues: bad drivers, a bios error.

Motherboard board faults

Computer Solutions repair PC’s with black screen problems often so we can quickly diagnose and fix your PC back to a working condition.
Repair a PC Power repairs

Repair a PC that wont turn on

How long will my PC repair take?
Diagnosis is key here once we have diagnosed the problem we can give you a repair time
Is this an expensive repair?
It Depends on what the fault is if parts are required then you will have these to take into consideration but our labor costs will remain compettive
Can you repair the PC at my home business?
We will happily attempt a repair at your home or business and advise if a work shop repair is necessary
How quick can you start work on my PC
We begin work on the day of visit or collection of PC

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