Repair A PC that wont turn on.

If your PC wont turn on let computer solutions help. We regularly repair power issues that could be preventing your PC from starting. Power issues that cause your computer not to start often relate to the power supply unit (PSU) or an electrical fault or bad switch. We have seen it all so gaurantee a prompt diagnosis and a quick fix . PC repairs of this nature often require parts but usually they are very affordable.

When dealing with your power issue computer solutions wont only fix the problem we will also look into why it happened and advise you so it does not happen again. For instance if your PSU is over loaded or if wiring looms are in an are exposed to heat or sharp edges.

Please note when a PC wont power on and there is a smell of burning to immediatly switch off at the socket and seek professional PC support.
Repair a PC Power repairs

Repair a PC that wont turn on

How long will my laptop repair take?
laptop repairs of this nature usually can be fixed in 1-2 hrs
WillAre there any hidden costs on laptop repairs for wifi connectivity
There are no hidden costs whats so ever worse case scenario a wifi card needs replaced but these are cheap
Can you repair the laptop at my home business?
Yes often it is the router that has issues so it can make sense to do this on site unless the problem occurs when you are mobile
Will it be a longterm fix when you repair my laptop
Yes as we will provide information on how you can remedy any laptop connectivity issues yourself in the future

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Remote Support Only - COVID-19 - Changes to Normal Operations

Due to the rapidly evolving impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) we have temporarily had to seize normal practices. For the time being, we can only carry out Remote Access Work. We can not do call outs or receive computers from the public. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. We will keep you posted of any changes and will return to providing IT support, Laptop & PC repairs as soon, as it is, safe to do so. If you would like to arrange remote access work call 0131 6227056 or email us on