PC Fan Repair and Noise reduction

Is the Noise your pc louder than i was when you first purchased it or has it always been noisy? Can’t concentrate due to the whirring of fans or consistent hard disk noises – Let us Help! Computer solutions repair or replace PC fans that have become noisy due to age. We can provide cases that are extra insulted especially for noise reduction or we can simply clean existing fans that have become a bit dusty. Repairing a PC with noise issues is straight forward quick to do and affordable. Oher issues that can arise as a consequence of dust building up in fans is overheating thus by addressing noise issues you can also assist with the cooling of PC components.

If you require assistance with a computer that is too loud give us a call we will be happy to fix your PC.
Repair a noisy PC


How often should i get PC fans cleaned?
Depends on usage , the location of the PC and various factors effecting Dust accumulation eg pets. A visual inspection is all thats required
Should i upgrade a my Fan
Fan upgrades are usually worthwhile as specialist fans are quieter and provide better cooling
Can i just use a hoover to clean my computer?
No we dont recommend this technique compressed air and fan disassembly always best
Water cooling & noise ?
Water cooling does improve cooling and often reduces noise significantly although radiators are also fitted with fans

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