Repair of a PC that has a Virus

We can repair any PC with virus related symptoms. We can remove malware & spyware. We can re-secure a pc that has been hacked. We can provide you with security solutions to prevent further breaches of your computers integrity and advise on best practices to enhance your computers security.

Symptoms that indicate your machine may have a virus are usually quite obvious for instance your pc may be acting strangely windows opening or closing by there selves, cpu usage at 100% unwanted web pages & simple windows explorer tasks not operating as they should. The nature of viruses is that they spread so it is advisable that you seek a remedy to any virus related issues promptly to protect you and others that share access or files from your PC

Malware like viruses can cause unwanted actions to happen on your PC . Malware standing for malicious software often leads to Trojans and viruses and weakens security. Malware can be difficult to remove completely and often leaves hidden files. At computer solutions we will remove the malware and provide a deep clean ensuring all remnants f the unwanted software are gone.

If you have been hacked or authorised hoax services to access your machine you will want to rectify the issue quickly. Computer solutions will make your PC secure once again preventing remote access and checking for backdoors. We will also check for key loggers or malware and software left by your hacker. Furthermore we will provide instruct you on the steps to deal with the current security risk and to prevent future issues.
Repair a PC with a Virus

Repair a PC with a Virus

Will you need to wipe my PC.
No wiping a PC is a last resort we alawys aim to fix your PC "as is"
Can you recommend security solutions?s
Yes we can recommend & provide PC security solutions to meet your requirements
how long will dealing with my security issues take
This is deppendant on the extent of an infection or hack but our policy is to turnaround jobs asap
Should i pay money to a program that is roffering to remove a virus?
No these programs are often tied to the malware on your machine and should not be trusted

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