Repair a PC when windows wont start

We can Quickly and easily repair a PC when windows or OSX won’t start.

Issues with windows not starting are usually a result of critical system files becoming corrupt. On windows machines you might be presented with a blue error screen (BSOD) or be experiencing the windows repair loop. Other common instances indicating windows on your pc needs repaired is the “failed to login into user profile” error. Problems affecting your windows operating system to cause it to have a bad start, could be, for many reasons from bad shut downs, viruses, faulty hard drives or even an incompatible update. The PC doctor at computer solutions is experienced in repairing any windows error and can remedy all issues.

Similarly to a Windows PC macs can also experience start up errors normally revealed through the notorious spinning disk, apple or worse case a question mark. If you need help with a mac operating system that won’t start don’t hesitate to make an enquiry.

Windows wont load on a PC

Windows wont load on a PC

Do i need to leave my PC
Normally fixes of this nature require your pc to be left onsite
Can you carry out this type of repair in my home or office?
Yes this repair can be carried out at a designated location to suit clients needs
Will my data be safe?
Yes your data can be sucessfully retrieved for safe keeping before work is carried out
Is this a longterm fix
Yes all of our pc repairs are lasting fixes to your problems

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Remote Support Only - COVID-19 - Changes to Normal Operations

Due to the rapidly evolving impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) we have temporarily had to seize normal practices. For the time being, we can only carry out Remote Access Work. We can not do call outs or receive computers from the public. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. We will keep you posted of any changes and will return to providing IT support, Laptop & PC repairs as soon, as it is, safe to do so. If you would like to arrange remote access work call 0131 6227056 or email us on