We repair & replace laptop Hard Disks

Computer Solutions can carry out hard drive work on any model of laptop. We aim to get your existing laptop hard drive working however we will advise you if this is not worthwhile. When working on your hard drive the first thing we do is to ensure the protection of your data or if a replacement is required we will attempt recovery of your data. We have experience with pata, sata and ssd drives. We can work on or supply slim and standard laptop hard drives. If replacing a hard drive computer solutions will also reinstall your operating system so you have a functioning laptop when it is returned. Computer Solutions when supplying a new drive will provide 1 or 2 yr warranty’s for your peace of mind and advise clients on easy ways of keeping real time backups of their data. To extend the life time of your hard drive computer solutions would advise customer to avoid leaving laptops in area where they might be vibrated such s a car boot, to take care when moving a laptop from place to place to shut down you laptop following the correct procedure

Why Not Upgrade to A Solid State Drive (SSD) !

If your drive has failed and you require an upgrade computer solutions would recommend purchasing an SSD drive. SSD drives are solid state much like ram sticks and have advanced performace. Solid state drive are small lite in wieght and are compatible with laptops supporting typical sata connections. Computer solutions can provide suitable housing and fixtures so your new solid state drive fits perfectly into your original drive enclosure. Given that the price of solid state drive has dramatically decreased over the year adding a solid state drive to your laptop should not effect your budget too much and pound for pound a wise choice for any consumer. As with any drive that contains important data computer solutions recommend always having a backup eith in cloud storage or on an external device.
Replacement laptop harddisks
If your drive can t be repaired we can source and replace your drive for you.
Repair Hard driveBad Sectors
Computer Solutions can often repair drives where by bad sectors are isolated and never used again making your drive still finctional
Laptop hard drive PCB repair
Sometimes its not the actual drive disk platter that is faulty we can analyse your disk drive and if necessary replace the PCB

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